Potato Dolphins (Or Dauphinoise if you’re feeling super posh)


So I’m starting off with something super easy for you all (like suuuuuuuuper easy), and giving you a dish which is just perfect with pretty much everything. If you’re like me and easily get bored of having chips/mash/boiled potatoes, then this ones for you! Also, luckily for us skint ones in the world, Potato Dolphins are incredibly cheaaaaap, which can never be a bad thing right?

The recipe and method I’m giving you is one I’ve done a lot, one I’ve seen family members do a lot, one that deserves to be done ALOT. I’d pair this one with a succulent chicken breast (flavoured to your own taste, but my favs got to be Hunters Chicken) or a good hunk of freshly battered cod. Even steak! It literally goes with almost anything so don’t be scared. If you’ve never had it before you’re in for a treat!

Please note – The amounts listed below are for 4/5 healthy servings. When making it planning for this post, I fed 3 people, and then heated up the leftovers in the microwave the next day! (Please check to make sure it’s hot all the way through – I have no idea what would happen if you wouldn’t but I don’t want anyone suing me for food poisoning or whatever)

What you need:

– 10(ish) medium sized potatoes.

– 1 or 2 large onions (depending on how much you like the taste of onion – don’t go too strong at first if you’re not sure)

– 400ml of double cream (I use Elmlea)

– 400ml of milk (I used semi skinned, but used full fat if you want it extra creamy)

– 4 or 5 ‘dabs’ of butter – you know that bit left at the end of the tub? We’re stealing that.

– A huge chunk of mature cheese

– A large fairly deep oven proof dish

There’s also other stuff like salt and pepper, a knife, a peeler, a cutting board, a big saucepan…a bin to put the rubbish in… but you guys aren’t stupid right?

What you do:

First of all, get yourself a nice cup of hot tea and shove on your favourite chilled playlist – no one likes to be stressed whilst your cooking. Make sure you’ve got loads of space, don’t be cluttered as that’s just super stressful. Oh and pre-heat your oven to 190C, 170C if you’ve got a fan based oven or gas mark 5.

Okay now you’ve got your head in the right place, make the space in front of you look like this:


Take your potato peeler and use the next five/ten minutes of your life peeling those goddamn potatoes. (That’s my least favourite part if you can’t tell, although I can promise it’ll all be worth it at the end!)


Right, make sure you’ve cut out those weird gammy green bits, and start slicing them up. Blood actually doesn’t taste that great in this dish so please make sure you’re watching your fingers! I normally cut diagonally to get longer slices, and I aim for around 1cm thick – but if you’re a little over or under it literally makes no difference at all, so don’t panic.



Next take your big saucepan, pile in all those uncooked sliced potatoes, and start putting in your 400ml of Double Cream, and your 400ml of milk.


It should basically cover it in the saucepan, but if sometimes little ends poke out it’s fiiiiine, just make sure you give it a stir every now and again. Now whack your hob up to full heat, and leave it for a good 15 minutes. Some people prefer to skip this step and just shove it all in the oven for longer – it’s up to you, but sometimes this can mean the potatoes come out a little undercooked, so I always prefer to make extra sure by boiling them first.

Now whilst you’ve got your potatoes simmering, grab your onion (1 or 2, it’s up to you) a peel the skin off until it look like this…


Next cut it in half, but don’t cut off the root as apparently that’s the bit that makes you cry. So many people swear that’s true, but I still end up with eyeliner smudged down my face every single time. Cut in this shape:


And then from here, cut horizontally across the onion, and your pieces should just fall apart into little diced sections like this:


Chuck this into the creamy potato mixture in the saucepan for whatever’s left of the 15 minutes, and leave it to bubble away. This is a great time to season the mixture, so sparingly add in some salt and pepper to add a little extra flavour.

You haven’t left your tea to go cold have you? No? Good.

This is what the current situation should look like – I’ve made my instructions pretty fool proof so you should be here! If not, just read over this again and you should be able to find your way here.


Whilst it’s bubbling away, start to grate your cheese into a side bowl, so we’re all prepared just to chuck it in the oven. I use about 200/250 grams of Cathedral City Mature Cheddar, but you can use less or more depending on your taste buds.




Okay so by this point your potatoes should be nicely cooked, if they’re a little al dente it’s absolutely fine, they’re about to go in the oven so they’ll soften up nicely in there. I hope you have your oven proof dish ready? I use one from Sainsbury’s, it was bought like two weeks ago so if you’re stuck I highly recommend it.


Take your saucepan full of goodies, and slowly transfer it over – remember it’s super hot, so try not to splash yourself!


Chuck on that cheese we just grated…



Grab those 4/5 dabs of butter and plop them on top scattered across the surface.


Place this large pot uncovered into your pre heated oven, and leave it in there for 20 to 25 minutes!


Sit back, relax, chuck on some TV. You earned it! When it comes time to take it out, make sure the top is toasty brown, and it’s probably going to be bubbling slightly. It should look a little like this one:



Comments I’ve received from this dish include ‘It’s really creamy and soft’, ‘cheesy, filling and delicious’ and ‘yum’ – which is never a bad comment to get. I’ve kept this recipe really simple, but some suggested add ons would be chucking some crushed garlic in there, adding in some mushrooms and peppers, and even a spoonful of Philadelphia! It’s one that could mix well with most things so experiment, let me know what you think in the comments below! Take pictures for me!

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Thanks for reading sugars!

Stay Sassy,