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Thanks for stopping by again! I’m very excited for this post – something a bit different for you all. So this is the first post in my new project…”Featured'”. The aim of Featured, is to shine the light on people that I think are worth looking out for. They’re people fighting for a cause, or sharing their talent with the world…or doing something, anything, that I look up to. They’re people who inspire me, people I look up to…and I want them to inspire you too. Enjoy!

Henry Maybury was a fellow Chichester University student, he’s 22 years old and from Shrewsbury. As a fresher last year, I quickly discovered that most people knew who he was. Through word of mouth, I discovered who he was and what his story was, and I’d like to share that with you.
“My dream is to inspire people through my music, and to educate. I hope my music can tell a story and make a difference in the world.” – Henry Maybury.

Hey Henry, I would love my readers to know a little bit about your background. Can you give us a brief catch up?

“Well I was a very keen sportsmen, and I loved my rugby. I was a keen rugby player, playing county, club and school rugby. After I was struck with arthiritus I turned to music and started writing my own songs. Music has always been a huge part of my life. In my early teens rugby took over, but when I had to stop playing at 14 because of my legs, I started to really focus on my music. Then various life events took place, and these all had a huge impact on my music – one being the loss of my Brother.”
Can you please explain to us why you started recording music?

“I started recording music because I have such a strong love for it, and I believe it can be used for the good. That’s why I’m travelling around schools in the UK and Europe, showing my powerful music and music videos. I hope to educate our future generation through my songs ‘Lost days’ and ‘You’re Beautiful.’ The response has been incredible from the kids and if I can help any of your readers in any way, they’re very welcome to get in touch through my website
Thank you Henry. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that! Can you tell us about your current situation in terms of success and progress. Who’s given you recommendations? Where are you most proud of playing?

“It’s been an incredible journey, I’ve been interviewed on national radio stations such as BBC Radio 5 live a couple of times, I’ve had my first TV experience on BBC and ITV news, I’ve had celebrities with huge followings support and tweet my music and been  publicised in the national papers and magazines. I’ve even performed at venues such as the 02 in London and Castlefield arena in front of 5 thousand people. Such incredible experiences! However, most recently I’ve been lucky enough to have two big stars feature in my brand new music video, ‘You’re Beautiful.’ It has Only Fools and Horses Star John Challis aka Boycie, and Falklands war hero Simon Weston OBE. I would love to take a second and say that I can’t thank John and Simon enough for taking time out to act in this video, and it has been a pleasure to meet two of the nicest guys.”
That sounds amazing! How lovely of them to give up their time, I’m so glad you’re getting the support you deserve!

Okay so, what do you believe in? What charities do you support? What do you want to change in this world? Will you put that fame to good use?

“I believe that music can really be used to help people. That’s why I am travelling round schools showing my educational music video’s and sharing my story to help others. I have my own charity set up, called the ‘Lost days Charitable Trust,’ which is set up in memory of my brother. He lost his battle to alcohol addiction at 29 years old. He’s the reason I released the single ‘Lost days’ – I want it to help raise awareness about the potential dangers of alcohol. 100% of the proceeds of the single go to charity, and we have an extremely creditable committee supporting it, one being the first professor of addiction at Harvard University, John Kelly. If anyone wants to watch the music video ‘Lost days’ and find out more details, they can find it on my website!
I’m so sorry to hear about that tragedy, but I find it so inspiring that you’ve used your grief to help others.
I’d love to know, who inspires you? From celebrities to family members to random people you know…

“My idol from day one has been rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson. I credit his determination and hard work ethic is just incredible and I believe he is an amazing role model for the public, and I hope one day I can be like him. He is truly a inspirational man.”

Wow! He sounds amazing! Tell us something crazy, a really random fact about yourself.

“Well my best mates find it funny how when I cook myself dinner, I always have loads of sauces with my meal, I will have my collection of mayo, ketchup, chilli sauce and BBQ sauce.”

Haha! Okay next question, if you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be? 


Henry Maybury

Love it! And the one question I’ll be asking everyone, if you had a house fire, what would you choose to save?

“Definitely my dogs”

An animal guy, I’m sure my readers will love that. 

So there’s my interview with the lovely Henry Maybury. Inspiring right?

You can check out his music video’s, You’re Beautiful or Lost Days.  As previously mentioned, You’re Beautiful features legendary TV actor John Challis from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ (Boycie) and Falklands war hero Simon Weston OBE – it’s an incredible video, give it a watch!

Thanks for interviewing with us Henry!

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