All Star Lanes, Holborn. (and their Courgette and Avocado burger)

I don’t know about you, but when I think of bowling, I think of cheap and cheerful lane upon lane upon lane of children shouting and beer pitchers being knocked over and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of fun at those type of places, there’s no knocking them – but All Star Lanes does not fit into that category. ASL is different even from the outside. Classy and elegant, ASL brings bowling into a whole other world. You can see this from the after-work-suits that fill the place, unwinding after a long hard day in the office by hitting the pins.

all star lanes holborn

We started off with the food aspect of the night, and it gave us time for a longgggg catch up. I haven’t seen Soraya in a couple years so it was lovely to chat!

Obviously, as girls night always entails, cocktails were in order. Soraya chose a less traditional hard shake (who wouldn’t want alcohol in milkshake form) and I went for this sweet little beauty. Refreshing and light, this cucumber and strawberry enthused special is the way forward in life.

The next step was gorgeous full-of-flavour starters. I won’t lie to you, this part was hands down my favourite of the night. Soraya wasn’t too sold on her cheesy dipping pot – however, my BBQ baby back ribs… well I’m still dreaming about them. All day errrrday. Succulent and juicy, they lathered it in BBQ sauce making it messy and beautiful.

Now this new burger – if you’re a veggie fan like me, you’re gonna have to give it a go.

“COURGETTE AND AVOCADO CHILLI BURGER (£10.50) – Delicious pan fried courgette & avocado slices cooked in a chilli spiced panko crumb, homemade tomato relish, jalapenos & chipotle mayo in a brioche bun.”

What do you think? You’ll have to try it and let me know!

Sides to match of course. Mac’n’Cheese (could’ve had an entire feast of this) and Sweet Potato Fries (feast also needed?) Look. At. Them. TELL ME YOU DON’T WANT THEM IN YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW. My word.

I was too stuffed for desert, but don’t you worry – since I can hear you all practically forcing me to go back to tell you what I think, it might have to be arranged 😉

Bowling was AMAZE. It’s such a cool edgy vibe, but still not too serious for a sassy little twirl round when you hit a strike! A game is £8.95 per person (peak), or £6.95 (off peak).

I got absolutely thrashed by the way. Beyond lost. Congrats Soraya!

And if that’s not enough confirmation for you – well it’s recently been featured on Made In Chelsea too. #winning

Thinking of heading down? They’ve got one in Holborn, Bayswater, Stratford, Brick Lane – and for those of you a little further out, don’t panic! They’ve got you covered in Manchester.


Stay Sassy,

Lauren xxx


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