KOJAWAN, Edgware Road.

I heard the buzz about the ‘genuinely inauthentic’ KOJAWAN before I even moved to London – Twitter seemed alight with the mention of the name. It’s safe to say I was dying to get in, and the lovely Lauren at Roche Communications made it happen, with her inspired bloggers dinner. What a beauty!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.28.33 AM

Naturally I had stalked and stalked and stalked some more, before I’d attended the dinner. What I didn’t realize however, was that this innovative restaurant was at the very top of the Hilton Hotel – which did cause me a little confusion and as much as it pains me to admit it, to be late. A side note here – perhaps it would be easier for potential customers to discover them, if that was advertised more firmly – perhaps on the front of their website?  Or as you enter the hotel?

However, what I was previously aware of, and SO excited for, was the breath taking views. And boy, they did not disappoint. Based on the the 23rd floor, it felt like you could see right across this gorgeous city. We all know how much I love LDN at night time, and if you’re looking for a view, this is the place for it.

On arrival I was warmly greeted with a friendly smile and a handshake by several members of staff as I walked passed, which is always pleasantly noticed. My Cosmo was bought over quickly, and I settled in chatting to the girls.

cosmo at KOJAWAN

It felt like the rounds and rounds of food bought over were never ending, and each time a wave of pleasure rolled over me. As it’s a mixture of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cuisine, each dish was delightedly unanticipated in one way or another.

What they weren’t short on, was flavour. Each delectable flavour chosen wasn’t shied away from – it was embraced in full figure and proudly pronounced as dish after dish was bought to this table of heaven.

So. Many. Bursts. Of. Flavour. Head chef Russell Oxtoby, and his partners in crime Bjorn Van Der Horst and Omar Romero all come from very different yet still similar backgrounds. From Bjorn’s experience at the NYC Russian Tea Room and 2 Michelin star Picholine, to Russell’s two AA Rosette restaurant Berners Tavern, and Omar’s grounding at the Four Seasons Hotel and Rhodes Twenty Four. I can only assume they directly came together in logical formations of each person bringing extremely different things to the table – and they were right.

If you’re looking to go somewhere that tantalizes your taste buds, that pushes the 2016 food boundaries, that makes your stop in your tracks and truly decidedly taste the food you’re munching on – this is it. Look no further. Too often we get lulled into a false sense of security, tasting the same steaks and chicken breast from different menus all over our city, thinking that they’re brave for trying ‘a different angle’. Then you dine at KOJAWAN, and it sets a new level of excellence.

If that hasn’t convinced you, set your mind on these deserts. Their PanTako was the most mind blowing sweet I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Who knew that simple pancakes could be made so exciting! I’ve been daydreaming ever since…

On average, for lunch expect to spend £30, and for dinner spend around £45. And you know what really solidifies their place in my heart forever more?

They’ve started serving bottomless brunch.

See you again very soon KOJAWAN! Thank you for having me.

Stay Sassy,



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