The truth behind Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’. 

beyonce's Lemonade

Okay. I would just like to state this openly, for the record. So when it eventually comes out, we’re going to all hail Queen Lauren and her know-it-all views.

We’ve all seen the headlines, the gossip, the speculations. It’s everywhere. I get it.

Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé, right? And then she wrote an entire album about it, right? She’s pointing us on a witch hunt for this ‘Becky with the good hair’, right?

I mean she literally says “if you try this shit again, you gon’ lose your wife”. How much more obvious could it be? Right?

Beyonce's Lemonade

Only, hold on…why on earth would one of the most influential power couples of this world, be airing their dirty laundry on a fricking album? Why would Beyoncé have released said album, on her supposedly cheating husband’s new streaming service?

I draw you to exhibit A: the last lyric of the album. ‘You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.’

LETS TAKE A MOMENT TO CONSIDER WHAT THAT MEANS. Hmmm. ‘Your paper’ – AKA our money? So perhaps, just maybe, this is a PR stunt. No?

Beyonce's Lemonade

We all know how much Bey struggles with the media influence over her life. If you’re a true fan (if you’re not #byefelicia) then you would’ve seen her personal vlogs pop up at tours or on documentaries. The ones she does on her laptop, the ones she says she does to keep herself sane. How vulnerable she feels when she listens to the press too much. How much she tries to keep her private life private.

So please, explain to me how we have gone from that, to accusing Jay Z of cheating with some chick Becky? 

Something doesn’t add up. Does it?

hold up beyonce

Here’s my theory: they’ve wised up. They’re taking the power back. They’re controlling their narrative. They’re refusing to let our fascination with them continue to make up stories left, right and centre. They’re making them up for us. 

So out of this sudden show of solidarity and stregnth, we get tracks like ‘Hold Up’ and ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ (personal fav).

The Rihanna claims have been in mix for years – and recently Jonathon Hay apologised for this fabricated rumour. ‘The pr stunt that I did was out of desperation to help break Pon de Replay,’ he said in his statement. ‘It was reckless and I didn’t think it was going to work.’

beyonce's lemonade

Thanks for clearing that up babes. Now, there’s no denying that the elevator drama was real – it was quite obviously very emotional raw leaked footage. But a girl has never fought with her brother in law before?! Which leads me to believe that we made up these rumours SO MUCH that Queen Bey just decided to own them. And I love her for it.

Also, do you really think someone as powerful as Bey would stay with a husband who openly cheated on her? NOPE.

Very conveniently timed with TIDAL’s launch not going too well…don’t ya think? (Even I have it now) She said after the birth of Blue Ivy how much strength she felt now, how much she could connect with her sexuality (thanks for Partition btws).

beyonce's lemonade

One final thing. If I haven’t sold you on this yet – prepare yourself. During the track ‘Freedom’, we hear Bey’s nan say ‘I was served lemons, but I made Lemonade’. What a interesting concept for Beyonce to release an album around. 

She’s owning it. Literally. And we’re paying her for it. Absolutely genius

Take your bow Queen Beyoncé. 

Agree? Disagree? I want to hear from you – you know where the comment box is! 

Stay sassy,




6 thoughts on “The truth behind Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’. 

  1. tapeparade says:

    Great appraisal, Lauren! I’ve read so many reviews of Lemonade – it’s such a fascinating album and Beyonce is an artist at the absolute top of her game, changing the musical world. So incredible. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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