Hungry Donkey, Aldgate.

We’re sold. So unbelievably sold.

The beaut Amanda Bootes and I had the absolute pleasure of dining at the Hungry Donkey last week. Quaint, bustling and hipster – this little part of greek heaven has stolen my heart after just one meal, and I’ll happily be back for many, many more.

hungry donkey aldgate website

Surprisingly busy for a weekday night, the service persisted at an impeccable standard from arrival. Greeting us with a smile, we were shown to our window-side table, and I noticed how each and every single member of staff we wandered past smiled and greeted us. As I often mention to you, we all know how crazily picky I am with service. (The food could be mind blowing, but if the service isn’t up to scratch, you’ve ruined my meal) I cannot fault the service we received from start to finish – absolutely flawless. 

They had an interesting cocktail menu – infact our BLUEZO’ was electric blue! Normally a cocktail with such a bright color screams fake additives at me, and tastes almost plastic, but this one was pure and gorgeous. With aniseed streaks and a bitter bite to it, it slid down a treat with all the meaty flavours.We asked for a bottle of tap water, and I loved the logo’d bottles… what a cute touch!

hungry donkey in aldgate

Now, prepare yourself to be starving, as we venture into the topic of food. Oh-so-fabulous food. Been-dreaming-about-it-ever-since food. Want-to-be-eating-it-right-now food.

The food was ordered with a warning – order with care, as the portions are humungous. Now, by this point we’d been to the launch of the Trading House‘s new cocktail menu (delish), and we were at that tipsy stage of extreme hunger, so we slightly underestimated this cautioning. Ordered a tonne. I would say I regret that – but luckily they boxed up the leftovers and I mixed the meat in with my lunchtime salad the next day. Win – win.

Saganaki at Hungry Donkey

I loved that each dish was flavoursome and rich – you won’t find a dry plain chicken breast in here. Even a simple greek salad was refreshing and tantalising on the taste buds. We kicked off with three of their gorgeous starters – sausages in paprika and chilli, ‘Sagnaki’ (a deep fried cheese), and incredible Zucchini fritters. I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the Sagnaki – however, I would like to highlight that the Zucchini fritters were my idea of heaven.

zucchini fritters in hungry donkey

They were these little crunchy balls – soft and moist on the inside, but just enough crunch on the outside to make you really feel like you’re biting into something. Served up with a delectable sour cream, the zucchini was heightened by a mixture of cheese and lime. A. Maze. 

Next round was the simply exquisite pound of meat – split between juicy lamb and succulent chicken breast. Paired with a gorgeous salad, pitta and little dips – this was the ultimate comfort food. We slowly worked our way through this entire mountain of meat, until I honestly questioned whether I would be able to even walk to the tube. I have never felt so absolutely stuffed in my life.

hungry donkey meat roasting

Verdict? You should be on your way as you’re reading this. Off you go! 

hungry donkey table setting

A huge thank you to both the teams at both Hungry Donkey and MeMo Interactive for arranging this fabulous meal for both Amanda and I. You can also check out her review post here! 

Stay Sassy,

Lauren xxx


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