Positive vibes only.

I notice, every single day, how much I’m surrounded by negativity. Whether it’s watching someone give another person a filthy look on the tube, or listening to downright bitchy people go on and on about something that happened ten years ago. (Side note – no one cares.) It’s something that crosses my mind a lot. 
thinking gif
Now, I’ve got to put a disclaimer here, everyone has one of those days. Everyone has a bitchy moment. They happen. They’re inevitable.
However, I also believe it’s down right cowardly to be that person. You know the one – who can’t say a nice word about anything or anyone. It’s embarrassing. It’s become ‘the norm’ to be impatient, selfish and unsympathetic. It’s too simple to consider only how it affects yourself, rather than placing yourself in their shoes. It’s too easy to pick someone apart until they’re nothing but a pile of flaws and mistakes.
nobody to time for that gif
But, I firmly believe that it takes a strong, courageous person to swim against the waves of bitchy comments, and see the good in someone or a situation. To stand up and say ‘hey – maybe there’s a reason they act like that?’ It saddens me how many people don’t have same view point as me. With all the wars and terrorism in this world, do we really need more negativity? More people judging? More people not stopping to consider someone else’s feelings? More people deciding they know best?
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We need to realise that if we hold a grudge or whine on and on about something someone did – who does that bother? We know they don’t care, we know it’s only bothering ourselves. (And everyone else who has to listen to us). Whenever I think something not-so-nice, I remember a saying. ‘The first thought that comes to your mind is what you are conditioned to think, the second thought is what defines you.’ It’s okay to think that slightly bitchy thing – it really is okay. But that correction you make afterwards, that second thought, that’s the one that counts. That’s the one that society doesn’t get to control. You own that second thought.
So when you’re having that generic bitchy day, take a moment. Remember that every single ounce of negativity that you push out into the world, comes straight back to you. The more you see the dark tint over this world, the darker it will become. Promise me, next time, you’ll take a breather. Look around you, and search for five things that make you smile. Five points of beauty. A kiddy laughing, a sweet elderly couple, a sassy contour line, a fabulously chic notebook, the sunshine on your skin… With your new positive outlook in life, your I-can-achieve-anything strut will be back on top form.
What are your five things today? Let me know!
Stay sassy,
positivity is key

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