Mister Lasagna, Soho, London

The talk of the town – the place that serves 21 different types of Lasagna.

Mister Lasagna opened two weeks ago and I have been highly anticipating my booked in dinner ever since – oh boy, they did not disappoint.

mister lasagna

The first of five locations opening across London, their Soho branch is perfectly located in the bustling evening district. Walking in, it first gives off a neapolitan homely cafe vibe and your eyes are directly drawn to the beauty of 21 different lasagna dishes laid out in front of you. The staff are welcoming and friendly from the get go, instantly recognizing newbies and taking the time to explain the picking process. Admittedly, I had stalked ML on social media, to the point where I knew exactly what I wanted in my face that very second.

I came prepared.

trio at mister lasagna

Let me tell you now – don’t waste your time with the smaller options, I’ll be disappointed in you. I mean, why have only one portion of only one lasagna, if you could have THREE? ML’s ‘Tris’ is £7.80, and afterwards you’ll be so satisfyingly full, that jean button will be coming undone ASAP. If you’re lustfully overwhelmed looking around in disbelief – don’t panic. The team is always on hand to help you with suggestions of their favorites.

staff at Mister Lasagna

They serve up with an everlasting smile, and point you in the direction of their modern inviting ‘basement’. Equipped with joint tables (think Wagamamas), and singular traditional ones, we scooted over to one in the corner. The decor is just fabulous – far from the homely cafe feel you get upon entrance. Long growing-on-the-vine tomatoes in flower pots, tea light candles, and mismatched chairs. I adore that they haven’t bought into the standard ‘instagram-ready’ interior. It feels traditionally Italian with a modern twist.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.45.43 PM.png

Between us, we had 6 different types. Carbonara, Pesto, Bolognese, Truffle, Tuna, and Aubergine. I’d love to be able to pin point my favourite for you, but honestly we worshipped the whole meal. If it helps narrow it down, the Carbonara dish was my least favorite – I know it sounds negative but I really don’t mean it that way. I mean the others were just so fabulous, that Carbonara just sat ever-so-slightly below the very high standards. Of course that could be personal preference! Also, I won’t lie – we were too stuffed to even consider desert. But I’ve heard good things!

TOP TIP: If you’re feeling like there’s a lot of heavy pasta/carbs on your plate, then go for that Aubergine one. It’s a traditional Italian ‘lasagna’ that doesn’t contain pasta sheets, and it was to die for. 

green wall at Mister Lasagna

My only tiny questioning moment, was the dual TV screen set up, and particularly the appropriateness of what was playing. One was showing the frisky drug/hooker enthused Wolf Of Wall Street. Personally I’m a huge fan (I mean, it’s Margot Robbie, who wouldn’t be.) However, although it by no means disrupted my dining experience – apart from a drooling boyfriend – I do question how appropriate it was for the younger diners. Considering how insanely picky I am, this is a tiny minuscule issue in the grand scale of things. Maybe even lose the TV’s in the evening? The music playing was all the entertainment we needed!

Next time we return, I fully intend to grab a bottle of wine and use the basement to it’s full relaxing advantage. I’d happily pop in just for a drink too.

mister lasagna

VERDICT: I’ll see you all in there next week, okay?

Enjoy my little Italian lovers.

Stay Sassy,






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