I’m moving to London – to work for GRAZIA

BAMN. Two huge pieces of news right?! Things are about to change around here! Let me elaborate…

As you all know, I currently live just outside of Chichester, way down on the south coast. Those of you who have stuck with me for a while, will also know that for about 16 months or so I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work for Vantage News – a Press photo agency (if you’re not sure, think paparazzi). I’ve had the most amazing time; from meeting inspiring people, to honing in my photo editing skills, to getting up close and personal as I photographed a couple of Festivals. I’ve got to say, my favourite moment has to be when I photographed Wildlife Festival in Brighton, and we sat with Disclosure eating grilled pineapple after their headlining set. Beyond surreal. 

Disclosure at Wildlife

However amazing and educating it has been, I recently decided it was time for the next chapter. I always say we can’t get comfortable and just wait, or we won’t progress – we have to go and hunt for the next adventure. I won’t lie to you, it was a grey area for a while. I was originally planning a ‘career time out’ to go and waitress for Chichester Festival Theatre (if you’re looking for a waitressing job that actually pays good money, apply). My plan was to save good money, and only then would I move to London.

Just at the ideal time, a good friend of mine popped up and told me about the role available at Grazia magazine. (Thank you Emi!) From that point, everything just happened at once. I had an interview a few days later – which I honestly walked out of thinking that I’d ruined. I got an email 20 minutes later offering me the internship! I’m very very excited to say that on the 25th of April I’ll be Grazia UK’s new picture intern. AHHHH.

Beyonce on the cover of Grazia UK

So, as you may have guessed, this means I’m moving back to London babaaaay! I moved out about 5 years ago but London has always had a place in my heart, and I cannot wait to be back. I honestly can’t decide what I’m more excited for: London or Graiza. The restaurants, the culture, the tube (seriously, you can miss it). My best friend actually being in the same city as me.

Obviously, the downside is that Russ isn’t able to move too. Due to a fantastic new job he has for Nuffield Health and Gym, we’ve decided it’s best he stays where he is. For now (positive attitudes only), we’re going to see each other at the weekend, and have two beautiful places to explore. I’m so excited to show him what London has to offer – if you’ve got any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

In terms of my blog – things are about to change around here. We’re going to squeeze every single ounce of culture out of that gorgeous city. We’re going to carry our cameras around proud, snapping at every corner. We’re going to take London by storm.

Are you with me?



Stay Sassy,

Lauren xxx


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