Bills restaurant, Chichester


I’ve never had the pleasure of dining at Bills before – although I have heard it’s a keen favourite for the locals, if they want something a little more upmarket and not too pricey. When I mentioned to a few friends where I was double dating for dinner, I was given extremely good comments, so I walked in with pretty high expectations.

It’s definitely safe to say it did not disappoint.

On arrival, we were instantly ushered over to our booth, and given a beautifully sweet champagne. I noticed instantly the inventive but effective interior design, such as huge vines of dried chilli’s and  copper deep bowl lighting. It was rustic but still modern, and we loved it!

With a quick glance at the menu, all four of us loved the variety of options available. Normally I look at a menu and there’ll be two or three choices that instantly stand out – at Bills, everything stood out. Honestly apart from the chocolate options (yes I don’t like chocolate), I could’ve chosen anything on the menu. So we put all these fabulous choices to the test, and each had a different three course meal – and passed each dish around.

Service there was absolutely impeccable: no waiting times, crazily good politeness, service with a smile – they really did tick all the boxes.


Courage Is Not An Option recommends: 

STARTER: Crispy Crumbed Halloumi, with lemon garlic mayonnaise and pickled red onions. 

Alex won this one, although Jess’s ‘Chicken in a jar’ was close second for me. Simple finger food, with an elegant twist. That sauce was absolutely spot on. Russ had Sweetcorn and Coriander pancake, whilst I had the Poached Salmon Fish Cake – which were both also highly recommended, but that Halloumi hit them all out of the ball park!


MAIN: Bill’s Hamburger in a sesame seed bun with red onion, tomato, lettuce, horseradish mayonnaise and skin on fries OR Duck Pie with carrots and pearl barley, in a rich gravy sauce – topped with a buttery savvy cabbage mash and pickled red cabbage on the side. 

Alex again, with the Hamburger, and Russ with his Duck Pie, were both on top this time. Again, we loved the simplicity of this. That theme seemed to run strong throughout the entire autumn menu – simple, with a twist. Jess said her Mac n Cheese with Mushrooms and Truffle could’ve ironically been a little more cheesy (the votes were 50/50 on that one). Mine, the Buttermilk Chicken burger was delicious but unfortunately it just felt like it was missing something. Personal preference though!


PUDDINGS: Blackberry and Caramel Apple Eton Mess with whipped cream, mascarpone and crushed meringue with blackberries and salted caramel sauce. 

Ohhhhhhh. Wow. Yes – I won this one!! Every flavour perfectly complimented the other, and as odd as this may sound, my favourite part of the dish was that it included huge delicious chunks of apple. The other deserts tried were Warm Pecan Pie, Warm Chocolate Brownie and Lemon Meringue Pie Cheesecake in a glass – all beyond impressive.


COCKTAILS: Bramble Mojito. 

So we may or may not have basically tried the entire cocktail menu between us – the lads were driving, so the ladies had the horrid taste of battling through these oh-so-nasty drinks… *Wink* I’d recommend going there on the cocktails alone!

Thank you very much to the entire Chichester team for having us, I can’t wait to return for your spring menu!

So what are you waiting for?! Get yourself down there ASAP!
Stay Sassy,




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