Burlesque & Cabaret at The Stage Door, Southampton


If you’re hunting for a night of fun, this is the place for it. Filled with hoots, risqué comments and barrels of laughter – the very involved (and slightly drunk if we’re honest) audience seemed to enjoy every second!

Organised by the oh-so-fabulous drag queen Joe Black, the Burlesque & Cabaret show at The Stage Door, Southampton is not one to miss. Each time the night returns, he brings different co stars with him from all over the UK (maybe world? I’m not sure) so each time you get a different show.

Joe Black himself, was a hilarious and well rounded performer, with fantastic vocals. I could happily watch a show with just him alone and never get bored. Equipped with a strange and fascinating imagination, Joe carried his audience through the show not only as a performer, but a host too – and didn’t lose their attention for a second. His sidekick and ‘stage manager’, Aaran Shurvinton, was a tall quiet vampire impressionist, and don’t take that ‘tall’ part lightly. What a wonderful duo!

One of my favourite acts of the evening, was feisty (I’m talking Sasha Fierce Beyoncè level sass) Scarlett Daggers. With illuminating bright red hair to match her fiery attitude, she brought along a touch of danger – moving around the small space with scarily gigantic flames. Oooooh she had me on the edge of my seat! And it goes without saying, her confidence is oh-so-rightly owned, as she has a rockin’ figure.

Another one to watch, is Elliot Mason – who had me giggling hysterically both times he came on stage. Handy with a guitar, Mason sang the night away with some creative humorous tracks; including my favourites Jif to Cif, Someone Else, and If You Were My Girlfriend. Cannot explain my new fandom for this talented man!

Yet another fabulous act on the night, was Chi Chi Revolver – an equally sassy energetic professional hoola-hooper. I admire her alone on making a living out of hoola hooping, I mean how cool is that? Her talent is immeasurable. The entire time I was mentally willing her ‘please don’t drop it’ and it’s safe to say she didn’t!

Fabulous news for you all – they’re back again next year! February the 13th! Be sure not to miss out by booking your tickets now.

PS. It’s a great opportunity to get your drinkkkkkkkk on too.


Stay Sassy,




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