In the deep dark moments of our lives, we all experience fear.  Whether those fears come after blubbering through The Fault In Our Stars (yes that was my very ill Saturday night) or after spending a month in and out of hospital trying to saviour some health; those fears will come. It’s my belief that it takes courage to express those fears, and share them with those who love us. Opening up to people is something that has never come easily or naturally to me. To me, that on its own is one of my biggest fears. Showing someone my darkest emotions and having them judge me, or even stand against me and shout out my wrong doings.

However, it’s also my belief that those who love us must be trusted with these dark woes. How can they love you for who you are without knowing where your mind goes to in those silent moments? How can they support you or help you grow, if they don’t know where you come from?

Like others who’ve had darkness in their past, I have a fear. A fear that goes straight to the top of the list. A fear that beats Alzheimer’s or a house fire. A fear that surpasses losing childhood photos or gender inequality. My fear is being left. People who I love, who I’ve trusted, people who know these deep secrets, leaving me. At this point in my life, I’ve experienced enough of this particular fear coming true, and each time it never gets any easier to handle.

I bare my soul tonight to remind others that having fear is normal, but it mustn’t stop us from loving freely and continuing to make the most of our short time on earth.

What would you accomplish today if you had no fear?


Stay sassy,




24 thoughts on “Fear. 

  1. @Jax2000 Mummys Little Monkey says:

    Motherhood definitely brings greater worries – fear that you won’t be around for your children while they still depend on you, fear that something will happen to them, fear that they won’t be happy, or realise their own dreams, or find someone who feels the same unconditional love towards them as you do. The trick is to let those feelings drive you forward, not cripple you into inaction. Easier said than done though, right? x


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