Veggie Month starts today!

Lord help me. 

It’s September, which as you know from my previous post, means Russell and I are going to test ourselves by giving up meat. Yup, we’re going Veggie. *Insert face of desperation/excitement here*


I like my chicken. I mean really really really like my chicken. And bacon and American pancakes. And slow roasted tender lamb. And a soft juicy sausage casserole with lots of vegetables and dumplings made in my slow cooker. And a too-big-to-fit-in-my-mouth burger with Sweet Potato fries.

And Russ? He’s probably worse than me.


So giving up meat is a. huge. deal. (erm yes, even if it is for only a month)

The reason we’re beginning this month long adventure(/struggle), is due to a poorly me and hours of Netflix last weekend. Instead of watching re runs of Gossip Girl and pawning over Chuck Bass but flushing my brain cells away, I decided to get into food documentaries. As much as part of me wishes I’d stayed blissfully ignorant, as I’d be chowing down on a chicken and chorizo bagel for lunch right now, honestly what I learnt was beyond astonishing. Did you know that Sugar is more addictive than Cocaine?!?!


Next time you’re in a binge watch mood, check out Fed Up, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry For Change – and one I’m sure you’ve heard of, Supersize Me. Each and every single one offers a fresh perspective, a fresh journey. From eating McDonalds three times a day, every day for a month, to doing a 90 day juice cleanse to lose 100 pounds and save his life – these documentaries take it to the extreme, to show you what you’re doing to your body. The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ has NEVER rang more true to me.


I’ve never considered myself a particularly unhealthy person. I exercise regularly, I don’t go on crazy damaging diets, I don’t like eating your every day standard ‘crap’. I’ll chose fresh mango over walkers crisps, a bowl of salad over chips, or a glass of apple and  raspberry juice over Dr Pepper. I hate, hate hate hate hate hate, chocolate. So I realise from the offset that I have an advantage over people (like Russ) who could happily stuff their faces with crisps or sweets every day.


However, what I didn’t realise is the harm that 2 spoons of sugar in 2/3 cups of tea a day would cause. That putting that same harmful substance over my Weetabix is killing me. Or that a glass or five of Pimms at the weekend is much worse than the guilty salt shake over my potato wedges. (That last one is in reference to the sugar intake, not the obvious poison aka alcohol).


Going Veggie for a month is just trying to increase the amount of fresh food we eat. It means hopefully afterwards, not walking into Tesco and saying ‘So chicken Monday, beef Tuesday, want chicken again Wednesday?…’. I’m hoping it’ll make our recipes more diverse and force us to think about what we’re eating.

Naturally we’re new to this, we’re conscious of how many nutrients we may miss out on if we’re not careful. I have quite low iron in my blood already, so not eating red meat will have to be replaced with other sources of iron. You don’t quite realise what a big deal it is, until you’ve finally done it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 13.45.21

Yesterday afternoon we planned out our recipes for the next week, and did our first Veggie shop. Over the next month I’m going to be keeping you regularly updated, I’m gonna give you step by step yummy veggie recipes over on Food For Thought, and I may even have a couple of video diaries heading your way….

If you’ve got some scrummy ideas or tips, comment below or get in touch on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram! Honestly any thoughts are welcome, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Can’t wait to share this adventure with you, and you’ll finally get to meet Russell!

Stay Sassy,




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