Society needed a Perrie Edwards – and we love her.

As someone who works in the press, and spends every minute of the day stalking celebrities and watching Sky News – it’s been completely impossible to miss the Perrie/Zayn fiasco over the past few weeks. If you haven’t seen something about it, well you’ve probably been living under a rock so I forgive you.

In a very Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston (minus the Angelina we hope) fashion, Zayn’s cruel text ending their engagement has been the focus of the public eye, and poor Perrie hasn’t had an moment of privacy due to the girls being right in the middle of their album promotion. We’ve seen Perrie politely brush off asking TV hosts, we’ve seen Zayn fire shots at Perrie/Little Mix through his retweets, and even Jade walking out with a fan made sign stating ‘Zayn is irrelevant anyway’ (which is true #JustSaying). Today, the world has seen a viral video of Perrie breaking down during a live stream 4 Year Anniversary performance whilst singing their new track The End.

First of all let me state, the video is horrific. The way we hear poor Perrie sob and the look of defeat tells us exactly how much she’s hurting – and girl, we’ve all been there. The difference is, most of us have had to face the person we’re hurting over in the sixth form common room, or accidentally on a bus – but Perrie has dealt with this with millions of world-wide fans watching her every move. I was wary of writing this post, as I’m not sure whether she appreciates everyone’s support or wishes everyone would shut up and stop talking about it – either way I write this out of admiration and love. 

As the ‘young adult’ technology focused generation, we’ve seen a lot of celeb break ups. Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift and erm…take your pick? (Love you Tay). Most of the time, we see the woman write a kick ass pop song, or get perfectly in shape and post a lot of sassy instagram posts, and sometimes we see nothing at all. But Perrie, oh darling Perrie, has stayed strong, kept her head held high, and still shown the world that it’s okay not to be okay.

Society, and just as importantly these crazily young pining frenzied Directioners, have now seen that you can be strong and kick ass – but you can also allow yourself to feel pain. When something or someone hurts you, especially as deeply as this situation must of, there’s nothing you can do to make that pain go away completely. As always, time will heal all. Perrie has surrounded herself with her girls, carried on fighting with her promotional tour, and has become an inspiration to a generation.

Although I’m sure she’s been told this ten million times over, Perrie if you happen to stumble across this – Zayn Malik is a dick. And yes, completely irrelevant.


This one’s for you girl – Stay sassy,




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