Our MPs squabble like School Children.

MPs are, without a doubt, some of the most substantial and efficacious people in Great Britain. They seek to initiate legislation to help maintain a continuously relevant and appropriate body of law, they contribute to party policies to ensure that it reflects widespread needs and views, and overall persist to make every major decision for this country. It’s no secret that Her Royal Majesty the Queen doesn’t actually have a significance in the modern democracy – in truth I’d go as far as to say that she’s not much more than an enticement and fascination for tourists.

So instead of all hail The Queen, let’s all hail the people who are actually relevant.

As I work in the press, every day from 8am to 4pm we have Sky News on in the background. In fact, even before taking the job, an interest in politics has always been pivotal to me, as it should be to every british citizen.


Everyday, every single day, I flush with embarrassment and cringe at the most recent scenes from the House of Commons. It’s painful to watch.

Our MPs sit adjacent and opposite other members, and seem to just overlook who and where they are…and suddenly transform into school children.


Suddenly I’m watching an infant’s play – carefully rehearsed, stumbling over words and demanding or hot tempered in nature. There’s japes at the opposition’s expense, intolerable howling over other speakers, and an incredible knack to swerve direct questions. They seem to pass the baton continuously between them, taunting each other by never actually addressing a question head on, with the Speaker playing the part of a referee between two equally terrible and exasperated teams.


For those of you who were London children like myself, you’ll recollect the wearisome yet strangely captivating trips to Big Ben and The House Of Commons. It’s often reported that the younger generation are struck with fear as they enter to watch the baboons holla across the giant hall. Those carefully thought out trips are supposed to inspire and animate young people, but for the most part they just seem to frighten them?!


Either way, can you imagine what impression we give children? That the most authoritative people in our country, can continue to bicker and fight with immature outlooks on life. 

We continue to film and showcase what politics in the UK look like, and everyday I can’t help but ponder what the rest of the world must think of us. 

Please don’t mistake my thought pattern. I am proud that we have a democracy in this country, I am grateful that civilians can have the chance to influence the conversations in the House of Commons, and I look in awe to those who choose to take on such enormous responsibilities.

All I’m saying is, can they please try and do it with a little more class?


Stay Sassy,




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