Ovarian Cysts, Antibiotics and Vodka.

Hey lovelies,

So as you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little quiet for a while, and one of the few reasons is because of my health.

Two weeks ago last Friday night I was rushed into A&E by Russell, in agony with extreme abdomen pain. I couldn’t walk, I was hysterical, crying over every bump in the road on the journey there and I definitely couldn’t sit in the waiting room. I’ve honestly never been so scared. They put me in a bed almost instantly, and I waited there till 2/3am. A doctor came over, located the pain and shoved me on to some antibiotics.

The next day I was home alone and was seemingly okay. I slept for hours, watched crappy TV and got up to do some washing up. Ten seconds later I had thrown up several times and was calling my friend from the bathroom floor. I went back to the hospital the next day, and waited 10 agonising hours without food or drink for blood test results, and when they came back all clear I was infuriated by still being mystified. They changed one of my antibiotics (as the original one was for SKIN DISEASE – what a fuck up) and put me on a drip, and then sent me away not concerned, but said they would contact me about a scan date.


Let me tell you, never have I ever been so glad to go through a maccies drive thru!

Two days later, I still hadn’t heard from them, and was still unable to complete every day tasks. To cut a long and boring story short, I continuously rang the hospital until they booked me in for one painful emergency scan the Friday just gone. The woman I saw wasn’t able to tell me anything there and then, as a different doctor had to analyse the results. Yet again, they left me for days and had I not called them today they would’ve completely forgot to call me! I wasn’t a happy bunny to say the least!

It turns out I had a large painful Ovarian Cyst on my left ovary, that must’ve popped the night I went into A&E. I’ve been informed that the antibiotics were probably doing me more harm than good, and the doctor expressed concern that I was placed on them without tests being done first. The fluid inside me is what is causing me pain and discomfort, and although I’m still in a lot of pain, I’m so happy to now know that it should clear up automatically. According to the doctor, the fluid will be absorbed naturally I should be feeling fine very soon! They should hopefully be no lasting damage, and she said that I was very lucky the cyst burst when it did, as there isn’t enough fluid to have to operate. Exciting stuff! I’m on the mend!

I’m totally fine most of the time, but I’ll just have a random 2/3 hour period where I can’t move from the sofa (usually after I’ve eaten for some reason?). Thank you to the doctor who ended up dealing with my case, and the wonderful nurse on the phone who understood my frustration and booked me an emergency scan in the first place. I think me crying ‘I know something is wrong but no one is listening to me’  probably helped, ha!

Thank you to my closest friends who have been there for me, with Amy about to get on a train down here and Savvy bringing me a maccies breakfast, yum! Also thank you to my family for keeping tabs on me, but most of all thank you to my boyfriend, who has not left my side. He’s left work to come with me to hospital, picked me up off the bathroom floor and literally done all the house work for the past few weeks. I’m endlessly grateful.


If I have learnt anything from this, it’s to push for what you want. In this life there will always be someone who needs help a little more than you, someone who wants it a little more than you, or someone who’s not will to listen. You have to fight.

Now for the vodka.

I haven’t had vodka in sooooooooo long. The last time I was drunk was boxing day, seriously. Not okay. At all. So that dreaded Friday, I bought myself a very large bottle all ready to treat myself, and ended up in A&E instead. So now that I’m off the antibiotics, guess what I’m doing?

Now I’m going to carry on hunting for a kitten!

Onwards and upwards, have a great week y’all!

Stay Sassy,



Ps. The next day update – don’t drink vodka if there may still be antibiotics in your syst. Vom. 


17 thoughts on “Ovarian Cysts, Antibiotics and Vodka.

  1. Berni Hockaday says:

    Sweetie that sucks – I have been away so didn’t realize you were in pain and suffering – I hope you are on the mend now – sending many hugs


    • Lauren Marie Dudley says:

      Honestly luckily it’ll heal itself, but had I not pushed I probably wouldn’t know what was wrong right now, and would probably still be on a course of antibiotics that was making me pass out on the bathroom floor. It’s worrying simply because it would’ve been something much much worse. The NHS are all about ‘early diagnosis’ yet don’t seem to care about the patients at all, or that’s what I’ve perceived from my experience at St Richards Hospital!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. wlloydjr says:

    I remember my sister going through her ovarian cysts. It definitely sounded painful just driving her to the hospital every other day and not getting too many answers. Hers were real bad though and the doctors don’t know if she’ll.ever have a child. She was frightened by it cause she was real young but she feels a whole lot better now that it’s been taken care of.
    Enjoy the drinks! Definitely need one after that experience. Cheers!


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