My Top 5 Fierce Females (on TV)

Hey lovelies!

I know I’ve been a way for a while, you can check out why under my Personal page very soon. I won’t lie to you, part of the reason is having an addiction (for a second time) to my Gossip Girl box set. Russ bought the box set for me for Valentines, thinking it was something I’d watch by myself, but after I forced him to watch the first episode he’s watched it more by himself! He actually texts me whilst I’m at work like ‘oh my god, can you believe she did that?!’ Seriously. So after watching Gossip Girl every spare moment we have, I’ve become inspired.

I’ve become inspired by the strong female TV characters I see everyday, and I’ve noticed that I’m more likely to get hooked to a series if I it has a ‘heroine’ in it. You’ll notice I quote ‘heroine’, as in some cases (although not necessarily the entire way through all seasons) some of my girls make some bad choices. Nether the less, to me, watching them struggle between good and bad makes it a very honest portrayal. In life we struggle between right and wrong, so don’t judge me on my choices.


5) Rachel Green (Friends) – This was a hard one, between herself and Monica. However, I’ve just always found myself relating to Rachel a tad more. Let’s recap – we meet Rachel as a runaway bride living off of her daddy’s wages, and her parents can’t understand why she’d ever want to be anything else. When we leave her, 10 seasons later, she’s reuniting with the love of her life, having been a successful single Mum who was about to take her dream job. We see her at her lowest moments, but then we see her raise herself from the ground, and use her inspiring ambition. She knows she wants to be in fashion, however at the beginning she can’t even write her CV properly. Does this stop her? Nope. (And her daughter Emma is gorgeous) Rachel we love you.


4) Samantha Jones (Sex And The City) – A classic. No one sums up Fierce quite like Sam. She knows what she wants, she knows how to get it, and she doesn’t give a shit how anyone else feels about that. We see her weaker side with Richard, we see her battle through cancer, we see her fight all the ageist remarks – yet she does so continuously with an IDGAF attitude, and that is why she’s made it onto my list.


3) Olivia Pope (Scandal) – IF ANYONE TELLS ME WHAT HAS HAPPENED I’LL HATE YOU FOR LIFE xoxoxox. I’ll own up, I’ve only watched the first season, but as soon as we’ve finished Gossip Girl I’ll be straight back to Season 2, I promise. Even though I’ve only watched one season, I already love her. She struggles so much between right and wrong but she always tries to do what’s best, and that’s all we can ever ask from someone. Obviously I don’t condone her affair with the President, but it’s all very Marilyn Monroe of her, so who are we to judge? She’s got Sass down to a T with her business, I mean who wouldn’t want to know and fix all of the highest profile men and women’s crisis’s? Olivia, you have earned a Sass Badge.


2) Amanda Clarke/Emily VanCamp (Revenge) – This woman is fierce in every sense of the word. She literally took on a false identity to seek out revenge and clear her wrongly accused father’s name. Incredible (and not to be tried at home.)  She fakes her own death and blackmails other’s to follow suit, she drives Queen of the Grayson Manor Victoria to despair, and ultimately achieves her goals. Admittedly there are quite a few casualty’s along the way, but well done Em’s.


1) Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) – Obviously number 1, like who else even is there? She’s a self professed bitch, bringing confidence and ambition to the upper east side. Her fashion sense is flawless and fierce, and she has enough strength to keep away from Chuck to fulfil her own dreams. She also manages to marry a Prince for a while, and achieve every young girl’s dreams of becoming a Princess. Like seriously.




So there’s my list of my Top 5 Fierce Females from the TV world. Narrowly missed was Rachel from Glee (inspiring especially to a musical theatre gal like myself), Red from Orange Is The New Black (That attitude.) or Zoe Hart from Hart Of Dixie (she’s a doctor moving completely on her own to a new town, impressive). What do you think? Do you agree? Anyone who shouldn’t be on the list? Who have I missed? Comment below my lovelies!

Stay sassy,




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