Why do you blog? 

***This post is for the bloggers community, but to my other regular readers, I’ll be back very very soon with some juicy posts for you. Thank you for being so patient!***

I’ve recently noticed that some of us are losing track of why we started blogging in the first place. It becomes about how to get more views, how to get more likes and comments, how to monetise your blog etc etc etc. So in the spirit of this, I’d like to ask you all – why did you start blogging? 

I’ll start. I started because women’s rights is something I feel so strongly about, but honestly don’t have to time/money to go out and actively campaign in public, I also strongly believe that we live in a digital world, so a blog was the perfect solution. Hopefully I can influence people, and if I’ve changed just one persons view since starting, then I’ve succeeded. 

I also started blogging as at the time I was struggling a little bit. I try not to mention too much on my blog as it’s very public, and the things I am struggling with also affect my family, my younger siblings. Writing helps me clear my head. And I truly hope one day, when my family have battled through it, when my siblings are old enough, I can stand up and be a voice for others who have been through similar pasts. One day, I will write that post. 

So, there’s mine. Your turn. Why did you start blogging? 
Stay sassy, 




12 thoughts on “Why do you blog? 

  1. Transcend Your Limits says:

    I blog to share my opinions and ideas, to learn more about what I already know (They say teaching is the best way to confirm and refine your own understanding) and I want Lucid Dreaming to become a worldwide sort of thing, and a widely accepted skill set.

    Also, I just love building websites and seeing success with them.

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  2. Elena (mrsbip0lar) says:

    I started blogging originally to help people just like me. My husband has bipolar and last year when we went thru a particularly hard time, I turned to the Internet for help. I found very few resources for spouses. Once everything calmed down for our family, I wanted to reach out and help others thru their difficult times. I’ve since started a second blog for my other interests and love connecting with people from all over the world about a variety of topics. In other words, I blog for me!

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  3. Mary Ann Barton says:

    Great question. I started blogging about caring for our elders and ourselves because I work as a professional caregivers, helping elderly clients in their homes with everything from cooking to companionship. At the same time, my mother had recently died, the day before her 102nd birthday, from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. I wanted to share my stories and feel connected with readers. Which is why I’m still writing and reaching out. Such pleasure. Such poignant and heartfelt pleasure.

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  4. This Mortal Flesh says:

    I wonder if we went back and read everyone’s very first post if we could find a glimmer of why they started blogging? Me, I wanted to open people’s eyes, perpetuate love and kindness…show everyone that we must love our neighbor. You are right in that people tend to veer away from their initial goals for various reasons. I also write to “clear my head” so to speak. Writing burns off the fog in my mind, makes things more clear. You keep right on trying to change the world Ms. Lauren Marie Dudley! Never let anyone stand in your way or steer you from your path!

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