#3 Fruity Gammon in a Slow cooker! 

Okay so this weekend I got a new toy – my slow cooker! I’ve wanted one for ages but have just never got round to it! I’d highly recommend them. They’re easy, they’re convenient and they’re simple to use. So be warned, from now on quite a few of my recipes will involve this. However for those of you who don’t have one, you can either do this in a large oven proof covered dish in your oven (naturally you can’t use it to the same time lengths – you’ll have to gauge those for yourself, and temperature also depends on what you’ve got) or you could just buy one! Honestly they’re so cheap and are normally based from 20-30 pound depending on the size.

You will need: 

– A small hunk of gammon (mine was from Morrisons, and was around 4 pound)

– 2 cups of Apple juice

– 1/2 red onions

– 2 leeks

– 4 large carrots

– A large green apple

– A tin of pineapple rings

– A tablespoon of honey

– A spoonful of (preferably brown) sugar

What you need to do: 

So this one I experimented with a tad. I made it the night before, left it all in the pot, and turned it on at 12 noon today.

The great thing with a slow cooker is that you can be running half hour late, and you don’t have to think ‘oh god my dinners going to burn!’ You can switch it on in the morning before you go to work, and leave it on low for the day, and it’s absolutely fine.

So you just put the gammon in the pot, along with the apple juice. Then chop up your vegetables (don’t include the fruit at this point) to your preferred size, and chuck it all in there. Glaze the top of the gammon with honey and the brown sugar.

And then turn it on, on low. That’s it. Literally. About 6 hours later I chopped up a green apple, added it and laid pineapple rings on top to soften. I left it on there for about two hours as I went to the gym!

Slow cookers are so forgiving, so if you misjudge by an hour don’t panic! It won’t burn!

I served up with sweet potato fries, and chopped up the left over gammon in a carbonara the next day. Enjoy!

When you try this one feel free to post the photos, either in the comments below or on my facebook!

Stay sassy,




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