#1 OXO Good Grips Electronic Cleaning Brush

As promised, this is the first post in my new #SassForSale page where you’ll find all my product reviews. Just to be clear, I’m far too sassy to lie about it, so these views will be my own. If I don’t like it, trust me when I say it’ll be stated very clearly.

Firstly, this product came with a handwritten note, which I adore. On the packaging it’s displayed cleaning a laptop, a watch, a phone and a camera – so I figured a good start would be to use it to clean my prize possession – La MacBook. My Mac is literally treated like its my child, I bought it last year after wanting one foreverrrrr, it’s placed very carefully on its shelf after use and ALWAYS kept in its protective cover. However, as you technology users know, it still gets dusty and dirty, no matter how much you care for it.

I’m always careful what I put on it, as obviously they’re expensive, so if cleaned with the wrong product disaster can strike. The hardest bit to clean, for me at least, is my keypad. I’m always tempted to just use a baby wipe but seriously…what if the moisture ruins the letters? Or gets inside the keyboard? What if it kills my Mac?!?!

The brush comes with two ends – a silicon slanted wiper (which is protected by a plastic cover when not in use) and soft bristled brush (which handily retracts for storage!). It’s neat, it’s small, and you could easily put it in your bag for travelling. For example, when I next take my camera on a shoot, I’ll be popping it right next to it in my camera bag.

So here’s my test –

First I used the slanted rubber end to go in between the keys. Wow. I didn’t realise just how dirty mine was. Gross.

I don’t even think this photo shows just how disgusting it was. Seriously gross. Then I used the soft bristled brush to go in between the hinge.

Again filthy, although the below photo doesn’t quite show it:

And it’s £6.50. That’s it. £6.50?! Madness! It’s good quality, it’s small, and it’s incredibly handy. I also double checked it against my camera and that soft bristled brush is perfect for getting dust off of your camera lense, and soft enough not to scratch!

Head over to oxouk.com to purchase this product, it certainly has Courage Is Not An Option’s stamp of approval! I hope to be writing more reviews for this wonderful company very soon.

As a side note, if you or anyone else would like my stamp of approval then please don’t hesitate to get in contact, waither through my blog, twitter, facebook, tumblr or even email me at laurenmariedudley@yahoo.co.uk.

Have you tried OXO’s electronics cleaning brush? What did you think? Or maybe you’re planning on buying it now? I’d love to hear your own experiences with the product! Comment below!

Stay sassy,




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