Queen Madonna = Sass Central.

It was a moment the UK’s nation sat still, very still. It was probably the only moment in which I shut up, and didn’t talk the entire way through. Of course I’m talking about the BRIT Awards 2015 on Wednesday. Oh Madonna. It started strong, and I was sooooo excited to have the Queen Of Pop come back into our lives. But sadly, it wasn’t to be a fabulous as she’d originally planned…Madonna took a fall. Actually a pretty hard fall. No wait, she fell down some stairs SMACK BANG on to her butt. Yeah, that wasn’t pretty.


I think it’s fair to assume from Madonna’s deathly vicious evils that whichever stag tugged on that cape was definitely asked to leave prettyyyyyy quickly. To be honest…the cape was tugged once, and Madonna turned around slightly and fell down a step…then it was flung back again, at which point Madge took a tumble. It makes me question, if you feel resistance the first time, why you would then tug so harshly a second time? However, as I’ve felt the pressures on stage many times myself, I know that things get a little blurry and all you’re thinking about is what’s been drummed into you 746395755 times through endless rehearsals. The poor guy/girl probably had no idea what was going on other than ‘MUST. PULL. CAPE. OFF. OF. MADONNA (omg madonna).’article-0-188BC8F300000578-573_634x761

It’s not for us to speculate: the poor dancer is probably crying at home about the end of their career, stuffing their face pizza that they can now eat without giving a crap about the weight they’re putting on. Whoever you are, I send you my sympathy.

However, I have to hand it to Madonna. As has been said several times, not many people would’ve got back up. On many occasions, once a singer falls, they stay down and let the show go straight into commercials. But not her, naaaaa uhhhh. Queen of Pop (and Sass) Madonna got straight back up, shook off the extreme pain she must’ve been feeling, and then carried on. For those of you who don’t know, Madonna has always been my idol (along with Bey obviously). She’s strong, she’d confident and she really doesn’t give a flying f*ck what people think. She came out into a very restrictive music industry, and changed everyyyyything – just from staying true to herself. Although not supportive of all of her actions, especially these days, you have to admire the spirit that she refuses to give up. And damn, she looks gooooooooooooooood. 


She pulled it off and still managed to make sure all the headlines were about herself – as per usual she always steal the show. So this week’s Sass Of The Week goes to Queen Madonna! You were fabulous, and we still love you!

Stay Sassy,



PS. This is going in my #JoinTheTroops section, as what’s more feminist than Madonna?


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