Because I am a Feminist

I adore this so much. Preach to this 👌

The Misfit Complications

Because when I was born, I have always had the secret thought of my father wanting a boy. Because I am sorry that I think that.

Because when I was little, a boy came up to me giggling, digging his finger into my belly button (obviously trying to find lint), saying, “I just raped you!” Because it was a joke. And I laughed. Because I did it to one of my girlfriends the next day.

Because my first crush told me I was a girl and I am gross. Because I was six. Because I cried that night.

Because the birds and the bees explained that I am a girl and girls do certain things.

Because my father used to not agree with me and would slap me across the chest. Had I not hit puberty, had he not been my father, I would have run away. Because my seven…

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