5 High Street Food/Drinks That I Cannot Live Without This Christmas

Christmas season is upon us and I have to say it is, beyond a doubt, my utmost favourite season. Now I know some of you are raising your eyebrows and silently calling me a freak, but seriously – Thick woollen jumpers? Warm fluffy scarves? Fluffy socks and winter boots? Pretty sparkling lights everywhere you turn? SNOW? How can you not LOVE it?! Just to highlight how much I loooooove Christmas – I put up my decorations about two weeks ago, I don’t even care.

IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1204 IMG_1205 IMG_1206

They’re so prettyyyy. So to get the rest of you people flailing waaay behind me feeling the Christmas Spirit, here are my Top 5 High Street Food/Drinks things that I cannot (and will not) live without this Christmas. 

1. I’m not going to lie to you all, I only discovered this one this year. I was walking through town last week when my lovely boyfriend bought us a quick lunch before I had to rush off to work. Namely – Greggs’ Festive Bake. 

croppedimage460368-Festive-Bake My god is it gorgeous. ‘Golden puff pastry filled with with delicate chicken breast pieces, bacon, pork stuffing, cranberry and onion relish all in a creamy white sage sauce.’ Get your butt down there and try one. I sometimes find that anything with the white meat/cranberry combination can be a little dry, but this time they’ve used Chicken instead of Turkey…maybe that’s the solution?

2. Costa’s range of festive drinks. Wow. For those of you reading who don’t personally know me, I do not like chocolate. Cue ‘Omg are you even a girl?’ ‘What, chocolate? Are you sure’ ‘Welllllll…..okay then, freak.’ Trust me, I’ve heard it all, but no I do not like chocolate (and yes I know what that is). So I can’t comment on the Black Forest Gateux Hot Chocolate, or the rich Brownie Hot Chocolate, as I’ve tried both and they taste gross, but everyone else seems to absolutely love them? COSTA The Gingerbread and Cream latte has to be my favourite, ‘Costa Espresso with steamed milk served with Gingerbread flavour syrup and topped with cream, a mini Gingerbread man and a little sparkle’ IT LITERALLY HAS GLITTER ON IT! What is not to love?! Now I have to highlight that I do have another favourite, I’m sliding it on this list, but erm everyone else seems to disagree with me… Hot Spiced Apple – ‘A warming winter drink to see off those cold winter days. A spiced apple juice drink made special with the addition of star anise and a cinnamon stick’ IMG_1103

3. Another hot drink, this time Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte. Mmmmmmmmmm. e0691fc9eacf4ab4b8a817ff9bff58cc ‘Creamy, sweet eggnog steamed perfectly and combined with our rich, caramelly espresso roast served with a dusting of ground nutmeg.’ Now if that doesn’t make you want to chuck on your favourite scarf and brace the cold, I honestly don’t know what will. And just so you see what I mean – this is me on a lunch date a couple weeks ago, loving a cheeky coffee (although admittedly the Christmas range wasn’t out at this point) IMG_0899

4. Yummy scrummy Greggs Mince Pies I know mince pies aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they were always greatly loved in my family. CroppedImage460368-Mince-Pies

I’ve tried them from everywhere imaginable, Kipling’s are obviously a good bet, but if you’re looking for freshly baked pies that are soft and flavoursome when you bite into them, Greggs is the place to go. (Well done for earning a second place on my list!) ‘We make ours with deliciously crumbly shortcrust pastry, filled with a sweet mincemeat, vine fruits, Bramley apple and candied orange and lemon peel.’ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tooooooooo many flavours! They come in packs of six, and have always been my Nanny’s favourite. 5. This one I wait all year round for. Really. I can’t put the rest of them in any order but this one would be top of the list, and has been for several years running. Starbucks’ Cranberry and Orange Muffin. I know I’ve already had them on here for their Eggnog Latte, but seriously go in, have the latte and then have the Muffin. Heaven.


‘Bursting with cranberries and naturally flavoured with extract of orange peel which gives our muffins a fresh zesty flavour.’ They really are as flavoursome as they make out, none of this dried fruit crap, expect to get delicious whole cranberries in there. And you know how some muffins are dry and crumble so much that it’s basically not even a cake? These ones are oh-so not like that, at all. So there we have it, my extra seasonal list of everything that I will buying continuously over the next month. I strongly advise you to join me! And if that hasn’t made you feel Christmassy, just think there’s under a week until you have an excuse to eat daily that gross chocolate thing everyone seems to like.

Stay Sassy,




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