Ched Evans: The importance of Football VS the Rape Culture.

Hey guys, Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote on here, thing’s are crazy busy…but this one I just couldn’t pass up writing about.

Ched Evans. Now if you’ve been on social media over the past week there’s absolutely no way you’ve missed this, as a CONVICTED RAPIST, he has been allowed back to train with Sheffield United. Cue your, and the majority of everyone else’s, shocked face. They issued a statement on the 11th of November, basically saying although they are aware he was convicted of Rape, they believe in the rehabilitation process and are allowing him to train – although no decision has been made on whether or not to sign him again. (You can read the statement here –

Right. I’ve thought about this a lot. I’ve researched into it and read so many articles/blogs/tweets surrounding the issue. I’ve got to say – I don’t like football, I feign (/slightly have) an interest in the World Cup when England is playing, and if you ask me who I support I’ll say Arsenal simply because my family do and erm, I like the colour red? I’ve been to see one football game my entire life, I have no idea who was playing or why I went, but I remember that I did go. Sometimes – and I mean very rarely – I have kicked a football around with my siblings/cousins, as I don’t want to be the spoil sport who won’t kick the ball. I don’t like mud. I don’t like running. Other than watching my boyfriend kick around a football in his garden, that’s about as close as I have ever got to football. I will cheer when England score, what more can you expect from me?

So needless to say I don’t even know who Sheffield United are, whether they’re any good or who on earth cares what their place on the league table is (If there is a league going on right now? Isn’t there several different ones? Like Fifa or something? I literally don’t know/care…Judge me.) So if you’re protective over these guys, forgive me – but I do not come from an I-Like-Football-More-Than-Anything bias view point, all I’m seeing is a guy convicted of Rape being allowed to be put back in a position of influence, a position where he is a role model (especially for young boys – stereo typing I know), a position where people look up to him. Over football.

Now the only way I can relate to this is to bring it into the Music Industry. For those of you reading who don’t know me personally, I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Ed Sheeran fan, or John Mayer fanatic. I think they’re beyond talented, I love their music, I’ve seen them both live, I adore that Ed is so close to Taylor Swift, whom I also worship. However, could I support them after they had been convicted of Rape? Nope. I would boycott their music, I would be currently blogging a rant about them, I would be writing to their record labels to question whether they should be allowed to be put back in that influential position, should the record labels re sign them or begin working with them again. Under no circumstances would I be saying ‘well he’s talented so it’s okay’. No. Eg. Chris Brown, beat up his very famous girlfriend Rihanna, yet still makes music. Incredibly talented, but why is he still doing it? Why would anyone allow him to come back into the industry? If I were a record label he would be like poo on the floor that no one wants to pick up, that you just step over without a moments thought. Anyway, that’s how I’ve thought about this.

Naturally I looked into it a lot before writing this blog, and I have to highlight that I am aware of the circumstances under which he was prosecuted. There is no other evidence other than his (and Clayton Mcdonald’s) admission of the sexual encounter in the hotel room: ‘it should be noted that neither of the accused had ejaculated during sex as a result of which the police had no forensic evidence to link either man to the sexual act, nor did the police have a complaint of rape.  Regardless of this, both men gave a full account of their actions to the police.  On 26th July 2011 the police charged both Clayton and Ched with rape.’ ( It looks as though, in simple form, they met the young lady in question after a night out in a kebab shop, and ended up going back to the hotel and engaged in a threesome. The female woke up the next morning with no apparent recollection of the previous night’s events. Read up on the facts, they are literally everywhere so very easy to find, and make your own conclusion. Three people know the truth, and that’s the way it’ll always be. I would like to bring to your attention that Clayton was not found guilty of rape, yet he admitted to having sex – something I personally find dodgy. Surely if two men were involved then both would be found guilty?

Still, no matter under the circumstances in which he was prosecuted, whether you believe the victim or not, that fact is that Ched Evans is now a Convicted Rapist.

I couldn’t even tell you if Ched is any good at football, I literally have no clue. All I’m seeing is a rapist being put in a role model position. I’ve heard a lot of people saying would it be an issue if his career was an electrician or something like that, it’s no different right? Wrongggggg. A handy man isn’t in going to be watched and idolised by young lads, he isn’t going to be in the press, he isn’t as public as a professional footballer.

Rape Culture which includes victim blaming, sexual objectification and trivialising rape, has very obviously come out to play over the past week, especially on twitter. Over the last weekend, an apparent name of the Victim was published, something that went viral very quickly. Holly Dustin, the director of End Violence Against Women, issued a statement saying: “It has long been law that rape complainants are protected by lifetime anonymity and those who have named her have been reported to the police for committing a criminal offence. This raises serious questions about the adequacy of the criminal justice system to deal with offences that occur online and we are calling for an urgent review of laws and practices.” I’m glad to hear through the grapevine that certain twitter users have been arrested for naming the Victim. No matter your personal stance on the validity of her story, in the eyes of the law, she is now a victim of rape, and as stated above – she deserves some god damn privacy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I’m still shocked at the vile comments I saw on twitter, including threats of her ‘getting raped properly’. rapethreat1

How, and I mean HOW, do you live with yourself?

So for those of you who think Rape Culture isn’t an issue we need to tackle, or one that things like this continue to highlight and make a bigger issue – take a look.

Entropy  rapeculture  Screen_Shot_2013-03-18_at_7.21.50_PM Screen_Shot1 Screen-Shot-2014-10-20-at-09.31.04  tumblr_m2sgkvnmt71qfqvz1o1_500  tumblr_n66l99o5hv1qguyo7o4_500  tumblr_ndeainxt5S1rpgphco1_500tumblr_newfjzQAie1sht8rto1_500 tumblr_ney2kf74pF1repohdo1_500


In what world is a football score more important than trying to amend and fix the Rape Culture?

Stay Sassy,




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