Do we have to sexualise our image?

Having control over our bodies is something we see as a right naturally given to us, but with social pressures, do we actually have that right? I’m not so sure.

I feel like this is such a random post, so I’m going to get a little personal and explain why this has been on my mind. Long story short I was contacted through my modelling portfolio, by a director who said ‘he liked my look’ and would like me to come to a reading to see if I fit the part. He sent me previous work and I did a lot of research into him naturally, as a young woman you can never be too careful. He completely checked out and the whole situation seemed legit…and then he sent me the script. I read it with high hopes, but only got to page three, before the character of Lisa Prescott aka me, was being subjected to some forceful, full on, completely naked rump in the bedroom. As someone who’s never done any form of nudity at all on camera before, this was basically like asking me to shoot a porno. But what shocked me, was after I’d made the instant decision to not do it, many people close to me said ‘Well as an actress, you’re probably going to have to do it anyway…’

How is anyone not as disgusted by the sexualisation of our world as I am? I get the same comments about the little modelling I do aswell, ‘but people will pay you more/there’s more work’ – yes, because there’s more creepy guys in the world.

And no, before some of you say it, it is 100% not just the women being sexualised, and I’m still offended by how much the men have to strip and are expected to have the most perfect abs. But we have to admit it’s a lot more common for women to be sexually moaning on the advert break of X Factor than the men. Yes, Nicole Sherzinger or however you spell it – that was about you. To be quite frank, her explicitly moaning about some yoghurt puts me off my TV dinner.

It seems to me like sex within the media is just becoming more and more like part of our normality and we don’t even notice how common it is anymore. And then you get to the sexism in the media stage, and people that is just not cool. Aka this bad boy –


I know the image is a little cut off so the phrase around it says ‘You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?’ A) I can assure you that I know more about cars than most men around me, so if we could not aim all car adverts at males or family’s that would be fab. I don’t drive at the moment, but when I do I will at some point own a Mini Cooper S in cream. #LifeAim B) Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only company that has tried this trashy technique. I know for a fact BMW and Mercedes have done the same thing, and if I looked closer I’m sure I would find more. C) This is so unbelievably offensive. Are you saying, Aston Martin, that women and cars are relatable? WE ARE NOT OBJECTS.

You sometimes read about female celebrities that have had a long standing agreement with themselves that they would never work nude or lingerie photo shoots/filming/etc etc etc. What bothers me is that they feel like they have to make such a big deal out of that. And why? Because they are fully aware that at some point in their career they are expected to strip for the camera. It’s just a given.

On a happier note I’ve recently got back into modelling, and had my first shoot last week. Pretty proud of the outcome so I’m going to show you some of the resulting images ☺️

141012-056g0012_std-2 141012-056g0051_std-2 141012-056g0136_std-2 141012-056g0156_std-2 141012-056g0242_std 141012-056g0315_std-2 141012-056g0389_std-2 141012-056g0571_std-2 141012-056g0575_std-2 141012-056g0579_std-2 141012-056g0625_std-2

Ladies and gentlemen – Don’t objectify yourself just because someone tells you that you have to for the sake of you career.

If you want to? Do it. If you don’t? Fuck ’em. ✌️

Stay Sassy,


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