Watch it, Learn it, Live by it.

Hey guys,

Been back at uni this week so things are hectic from here on out – you were warned. Since monday, and every day for the rest of the year, I now get up at six, and it’s definitely slowly killing me. However, my course has changed this year, it’s a lot more intense AKA you get a lot more out of the £8500 we pay each year, and it’s amazing. We have dance/fitness classes every morning at 8.15, sometimes followed by a lecture or a break, singing lessons, extra curricular lessons such as Stage Combat, or various workshops, and we’re lucky enough to have two optional shows to take part in this year. In the first semester we’re performing Edges, and the second semester we’re doing Sweeny Todd. I leave my house at 7.10, and don’t get back till 6ish, and I am lovinggggggggggggg it. I really enjoy that my course is heavy enough to make me feel like I’m improving/learning/at uni for an actual reason, but still gives me enough time to get involved with other things. With Charmony, being an Open Portfolio Officer and working as much as I possibly can, this year looks to be my busiest by far, and I’m so excited for it! Truly one of my favourite feelings is coming home and feeling like I’ve had a productive day – always makes me feel so Beyonce-esque.

Actually our auditions for Edges are tomorrow, for 8 long hard working hours, so I really should be getting some sleep. I just wanted to quickly share with you this.

It won’t let me hyperlink it properly which is annoying, but it’s something I’ve seen many times and have always loved it more and more each time. What a bright and confident young lady, so fierce! I love it!  you are one Beyonce style lady.

Watch it, learn it, live by it.

Stay Sassy,




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