Queen B, Festival Fun, Birthday highlights and a general update.

Heyy monkeys.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, it’s got a little manic and thing’s were too hectic to blog. Too much has gone on recently, so I thought I’d just update you all.

On the 15th of August I finally turned 19 ( I’ve always been the baby of the year AKA Baby Spice), and the only thing I think has changed is that I now have to pay for NHS Prescriptions? But yaaaay another year older, and I made sure I celebrated in style!


Made it pretty much a week long thing, a meal and night out in Bognor with my uni/work people, then a Watty night out with my London gals, and then three days in music heaven with my main girl Amy.

Although I went to Wireless last year, V Fest was my first ‘proper’ camping festival, and lord knows why I didn’t go many years ago. The line up was insane, and a few of my favourites were there including Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Kaiser Chiefs, Nina Nesbitt, Jess Gylnne, Vance Joy, Paolo Nutini, Lily Allen, The Killers, Sam Smith and the beyond beautiful George Ezra. I can honestly say that no one was disappointing, and there were a few acts (not naming names, Lily.) who really pulled it out of the bag, when to be honest I wasn’t even originally planning on seeing their set. So grateful to my Dad and family for buying me the tickets as my birthday present, I’m one extremelyyyyyy lucky girl. Massive thank you to all my beautiful favourites for making my birthday so special, definitely the best one so far, by a longgggg way.

IMG_1883 IMG_1918IMG_1946

Recently I’ve just spent three days in a cabin in the woods, and surprisingly wasn’t slaughtered in my sleep by some clown lurking within the forest. Just kidding! I was lucky enough to be voted in as an Open Portfolio Officer within my Student’s Union this year, and we all went away for three days to team build and get to know each other. Hilarious. Camp fires, crate stacking, low ropes, waaaay too much food, and I finally have my uniform! No one understands how much a hoody/top with my name on it AND an official position under it excites me. Obviously there’s way more to this position than wearing a top, but equipped with such a strong team and hundreds of ideas, the UCSU has a big year in front of them.

10600576_702643753163322_5772479418604996191_n 156066_727324314005403_5257545115012781753_n

Oh and lastly, but certainly not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN B! Yesterday was Bey’s 33rd birthday, and as I’ve mentioned before this woman is my life. I wish I was joking but I really am I tad too over obsessed with her. But with a voice, body, face, hair, ambition, strength, and confidence like that, I don’t understand those people who aren’t a full on member/leader of the Beyhive. She really does inspire me in everything she does – The latest thing being her VMA performance. I mean come on, Beyonce grinding up on stage whilst Jay Z sits in the audience with their beautiful daughter has to be the most feminist stance ever. She didn’t bring him up for Drunk In Love, she didn’t neeeeeeed no man thank you very much. I’ve watched pretty much every single Beyonce set ever, and I’m not over exaggerating, but that one. Oh my word. 


I promise I’ll write again soon, uni starts next week so I’m sure I’ll have way more to tell you guys. Things are really fab right now, haven’t been this happy in a while. Sassy pants on and channelling my inner Beyonce alwayyyyyys.

Stay Sassy,




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