The woman behind the blog.

Feminist. Fighter. Survivor. Positive thinker. Open Portfolio Officer. Fundraiser. Photographer. Events Planner. Singer. Writer. Student. Waitress. Baby sitter. Wedding Lover. Charmony Founder. Trash TV Watcher. Musical Theatre Lover. Clown Hater. Beyonce worshipper. Ring leader of the Beyhive.

Change enforcer. 

Honestly, how is anyone supposed to sum themselves up in one sentence? I can’t do it. People are so complex, I don’t even know who I am most days. I have days where I’m full of smiles and love for everything, and then I have days where I could happily tear your face off for saying something as simple as ‘okay’. And no, as most people say, it is not ‘because I’m a woman’. Are you telling me men don’t have up and down days too? Pssssshhhhh, don’t set me off.

I’d like to say that I’ll blog often, and that it will always be serious topics, but with three jobs, a birthday coming up, and University to go back to in September, the likelihood is that I’ll run out of time. And let’s be honest, I have days where I’m like ‘Oh following in Beyonce’s footsteps and changing the worlddddd’ but then I also have days where all I do is lie in bed and watch an entire series of SATC (Sex and the City, an abbreviation you should all get used to ASAP).

As for what I’ll be blogging on? Who knows. It could be covering feminist movements such as #YesAllWomen (which is fabulous), talking about new music or what I think of a particular TV series (So glad Geordie Shore is back on, and MIC is soon to be #JudgeMe.), or it might be ranting about something that happened to me personally that day (I got too old for major twitter rants, but kids – we’ve all done it).

I’ve got loaaaaaaads of ideas, so I’ll start writing soon. At the moment I’m ill and curled up in bed with a lemsip, and I feel like I’m dying.

Just a tip to all you gals, if you want a good read and something to make you laugh so much you have a stitch – You need to check out this website. Seriously, I cried. If you’re in the UK like me, you might want to skip through the columns about the Sorority stuff, although I’m a firm believer in that becoming a thing over here. A second family and sisters for life? Yes pleaaaaase. Check out ‘The 64 thoughts you’ll have whilst stalking an Ex’, it’s spot on.

Leaving you with my favourite Beyonce quote –


Stay Sassy,

Lauren xxx


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